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Refund Policy


We can consider refunds at our discretion (i.e., no automatic right), based on the particular circumstances of your case. In practice, we usually require that you have found a technical fault and that we are given the proper opportunity to verify sufficient information about any faults that you believe you have found (and that they are in Majestic Support and not something else) and to fix them within a reasonable period. These must, in all circumstances, be requested within 14 days of purchase, which we believe is sufficient time to ascertain that a purchase works.


There are no automatic refunds for digitally deliverable or non-tangible goods. This is standard practice in these industries because such goods cannot be returned (unlike physical goods). It is your responsibility to read the product descriptions and verify that it meets your needs (i.e., provides a workable backup solution for you) and are suitable for your production environment (e.g., that your web hosting company does not ban backups). Please do not treat a purchase as “trialware”—we don’t want to push increased costs onto our genuine customers. EU customers have the legal right to a refund of digital goods they have not yet downloaded if they request one within 14 days, and such requests will also be honored.

These restrictions do not affect your consumer rights. For example, if Majestic Support’s product description states that it has a feature that it does not have, then you can invoke your consumer rights.

Finally, we reserve the right to, without notice or refund, terminate any ongoing services (including support agreements or update feeds) for customers who abuse our facilities or staff.