Front-End Widgets

Frontend Widgets include several widgets that can be used to enhance the plugin's functionality in various areas of the website

This add-on adds its own widgets, which you can use to increase plugin functionality in different sections. For example, you can add a widget for “My Open Tickets” to your sidebar or a widget for “Knowledge Base” to your footer.
Add widgets on the frontend side:
Widgets are simple to use, and as an administrator, you can add them by dragging and dropping them into a widget space on your theme. By visiting the widgets page under the appearance section from the admin sidebar, you can view the list of widgets that are offered on your own website.
After adding the widget, you may view its individual settings, which are included with each one. The Save button must be clicked in order to save your widget settings.

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You will have control over the positioning and arrangement, as well as perhaps whether or not a widget should be shown. The information displayed to agents often reflects the level of access to tickets that they have been given, and we offer choices to disable each widget permanently.

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Extension Details
  • Developer Majestic Support
  • Version 1.0.0
  • PHP version 5.6.20 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater
  • Apache mod_rewrite module
  • Majestic Support latest version