Time Tracking

Track the amount of time spent on each customer support ticket without losing focus and enhance team productivity

It’s crucial to keep track of time because it allows you to see how effectively you and your team are performing. This will be made possible for you by this add-on. You can monitor the amount of time spent on each individual ticket. We designed this like a stopwatch for a ticket to help you determine how much time you spent on the ticket.
Track time:

Measure the amount of time you spend as an agent on customer support by using the start-stop clock in Majestic Support. Start responding to tickets once the timer has started, and when a ticket is resolved, press the stop timer buttons.

After responding to a ticket by the agent, an admin can see the overall time taken on the ticket by simply opening the specific ticket.

The timer is situated in the sidebar of each individual ticket page, as seen in the screenshot up top, and an agent can start or stop it according to his capabilities.

Review the performance of the agent:

An admin can view all the details about an agent in reports that the system has tracked. Time-tracking functionality powers up your reports and insights. With this, you can track exactly where your agent spent their time, what kinds of issues they dealt with, which accounts they worked on, and which clients they dealt with.

The time needed to resolve simple tickets can also be estimated. Even the amount of time the agent spent on challenging tickets before raising them might be estimated.

Edit time:

You can also edit the time individually taken on a ticket with a particular reason, so while editing the time, you will give that specific reason.

Encourage your team:

To inspire your team, utilize time tracking as a tool. Members of your team can assess their own performance, create targets, and identify performance gaps. Team members can learn how to increase their individual productivity and streamline the entire workflow by using time tracking.

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  • Developer Majestic Support
  • Version 1.0.0
  • PHP version 5.6.20 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater
  • Apache mod_rewrite module
  • Majestic Support latest version