Internal Mail

Send messages internally about support tickets and other issues between agents with internal mail

Mail that stays inside the company. No one outside the company should see communication between agents or between agents and administration; these messages are private. Internal email is used by agents to communicate with one another and discuss various issues.  By adding this add-on, internal e-mail enables you to send or receive emails to one another.
Internal mail for admin:
The admin can communicate with the agents internally by using internal mail. An admin can perform multiple actions on messages that they send or receive. All the messages that an admin sends will be placed in the outbox section, and the incoming messages from the agents will be placed in the inbox of the admin.

Internal mail for agents:
Agents can send and receive messages to each other via internal e-mail. To use this feature, you must be an agent, and the conversation will remain only between one agent and another. By hitting the compose button, agents will have the option to select a particular agent with whom they want to communicate. After that, an agent will write a message with the title to the other agent. Other actions an agent can perform on their inbox messages include editing, deleting, and marking messages as read or unread.


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Extension Details
  • Developer Majestic Support
  • Version 1.0.0
  • PHP version 5.6.20 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater
  • Apache mod_rewrite module
  • Majestic Support latest version