Private Note

Add private notes to a ticket and share crucial information internally with your agents, this private note is not visible to the customer

Sometimes you need to consult with the agents on your team about the issues within the support ticket. You can write down the most important aspects of the issue in private notes. Making such notes also makes it simpler for another agent to take over the particular case that needs to be solved. You can add details there that the agent won’t be able to access elsewhere. This feature is only visible to the administrator and agent.

Add a private note:
Once the add-on is installed, open a ticket if you want to add a note, and then head over to the internal note section within the ticket. Type the required content with the internal note title. Text, code, or quotes can all be entered by the administrator into a private note; the note will then be shown and appended to the ticket. You can highlight the note in the editor with bullets, links, and tags to enhance the note.

Private Note By Agent:

An agent can also add attachments to his private note and type anything—text, code, quotes, and so on. This private note on tickets is only visible between the agent and admin.

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