Private Credentials

Customers will enter sensitive information on tickets, and this add-on is designed to help you keep that information secure

In certain conditions, such as when we need user passwords, FTP access, website access information, or other sensitive information with tickets, getting this information directly from customers raises a significant risk of data theft. In this regard provide a safe and secure environment for customers to store their private and personal data. Your users can securely add important data to issues with the Majestic Support Private Credentials add-on; this information is swiftly destroyed once a ticket is closed.
Private credentials encryption key setting:

From the plugin settings, an administrator will set a secret key for the user’s private credentials to access sensitive information. If a secret key is already set, changing this value will cause all existing credentials to be discarded. By setting up two additional layers of encryption, you may give your users a more secure environment in which to submit important data.

Check the screen before installing private credentials:

After installing the private credentials add-on:
Here you can see that, after installing this add-on, a new button called “Private Credentials” appeared.
Secure upon activation:

Upon activation of the add-on, each credential is encrypted and saved in the database.

 Add new credentials:
A simple form allows users to enter their private credentials.
Simple to use:

To save private information to the ticket, the user just clicks a button, types out the information, and presses the “save” button. Ticket agents are notified and can easily bring up the credentials by clicking a link on the ticket.

After adding credentials it will look like this:

As we can see, two buttons appear when credentials are added: edit and delete.

Edit: The user can make changes to their credentials.
Delete: The user may delete their credentials.

Unlimited credentials:

With this addon, your users can enter as many credentials as they require, all neatly separated into their data cards.

Automatic wipe:

A ticket’s private information is immediately deleted from the database once it is closed. As a result, you save less sensitive information in your databases, making them less of a target for hackers.

Other safety measures:

Customers can remove their credentials at any moment, and credentials are not displayed unless the agent decides to view them. All previously saved credentials will become worthless immediately if the private key is deleted or altered in wp-config.

Version History
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Extension Details
  • Developer Majestic Support
  • Version 1.0.0
  • PHP version 5.6.20 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater
  • Apache mod_rewrite module
  • Majestic Support latest version